February 21, 2014 –

Mr. Keith Frisinger
Block by Block
Downtown Toledo Improvement District
332 N. Michigan Street
Toledo, OH 43604

Dear Keith,

So here I am between the 2013 and the 2014 seasons with time to reflect on last summer! And it was a great year! Record income and, once again, no life jackets stolen.

As you know, we store 158 life jackets in overhead racks on the boat. They have to be readily accessible to passengers and there are too many of them to take down and put back up every day. For years we have been at the mercy of vandals and thieves who board the boat when it is at the dock and we are not there. Life jackets have been thrown overboard and found floating up Swan Creek or down the river. Many are returned/found but some have not been. Often early warning by your people helped to make some of the retrievals possible. But at the end of the season there were always some missing. In the early years it could be as many as 20 but since Block by Block has been on the scene the number has been greatly reduced. . . . 2 or 3 only. What a delight our count was this year. . . the number missing was, once again, 0. At approximately $40 per life jack . . . this is very very very cool!

I also want to thank you again, Keith for bailing me out when I locked my keys in the building by the boat to which we both have access. I don’t know what I would have done without you!

I have been downtown this winter and have seen your team members, out in our freezing cold and snowing weather, keeping things clean and safe! I had never noticed this before as I, like the bears, tend to hibernate over the winter. I have never seen you all doing your thing in the “other” time of year.

I cannot thank you enough for what you do and for the security and support you and your people have provided to our small business and to all of downtown Toledo. .


Mary Dalby


February 16, 2014 –

I wanted to give a big thanks to a downtown worker named Stacy who was really there for me in a time of need. I don’t visit downtown very often, but I came down this week to take my kids to Imagination Station. The garage that I usually park in was full and it’s hard to push my stroller through the snow. I saw a lady with an “I” on her coat so I called her over to ask suggestions on where to park. She led me to a garage and pulled out a map and told me I could actually get there without going outside. When we got there she went above and beyond to actually walk us through and drew arrows showing us how to get back to the garage. Before she left she gave me a paper that explains the ambassador program she works for and what they do. She was extremely friendly. It’s little things people do that gives me faith and hope that there are still good people out there.

Kristin G


February 10, 2014 –



September 19, 2013 –

I just wanted to say a quick thank to Mr. Tom.  I was standing on the street smoking a cigarette in front of Lazeez on St. Clair.  A man came up and was harassing me about money and bumming a cigarette.  After repeated attempts to tell the man that I did not have anything to spare, Tom pulled up and politely asked the gentleman to leave me alone.  I appreciate his service because I was really beginning to feel uncomfortable.

Cindy Lenning
Holland, Ohio


August 25, 2013 –

Sat. evening while parked on Water St. , my car died. Thankfully Toledo has security people to help people like me. Tom was very nice and helpful when I asked him to give me a jump. Thank you very much Tom, we made it home safely!

Sue Vandenbroek
Toledo, Ohio


July 30, 2013 –

Hello, I just wanted to say, that the Ambassadors are great! My car refused to start and I needed a battery jump, they were there so quickly and jumped my car. It was amazing. Never have I appreciated them more than at that moment. They were a real blessing. The gentlemen’s name was Tom M. and the lady’s name was Pam J.

They were kind. courteous and extremely helpful. Thank you so much! It’s refreshing to know there are still altruistic organizations around and this organization has won my full and constant support! Thanks again!!!


Rami H.
Toledo, Ohio


April 11, 2013 –

I work at the Toledo Mud Hens and this morning I dropped my phone while getting out of the car and did not realize it. I just want to thank your employees for finding it and turning it in. I appreciate it very much :)

Danielle Olmstead
Toledo, Ohio


keith letter on stationery




February 4, 2013 –

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Pam Johnson and Kevin Dawson for coming to my rescue. These two spotted me with a flat tire and went to search for me. I had driven to the closest gas station only to find the air pump out-of-order. It was bitter cold on a Friday evening. Not only did they come to find me, they changed my tire and all with such a great attitude. Then on to assist the next vehicle that had run out of gas. I am so thankful to them as I live 45 minutes from downtown and it would have been a long wait for a family member to get to me. I can’t say enough about these ambassadors as this was my second involvement with the team – the first when I fell and injured myself. I will spread the word to my co-workers about the wonderful job these people do. In my book, they should be commended.

Flo Hannum
HCR ManorCare


August 28, 2012 –

We were in town for part of the Fleet Week celebrations in Toledo … we are from out of town, and are part of a nationwide youth development program.

We had a flat in one of our vehicles reported to us … and were about 1.5 miles away, not to mention not having good local contacts to get it fixed.

Your owner/manager in Toledo Keith Frisinger overheard that we had a bit of a problem, and dispatched someone to pump it up and help seal it with fix-a-flat, etc.

Before I could hardly thank him, it was done and we could continue our mission for the weekend … what a great person, a great company, and in a great city.

I can only send this in, hoping that Keith’s staff and Keith himself understand how truly helpful they were, and what a great representative for the city of Toledo …

Thanks to Block by Block, Keith F, and Toledo for helping to make sure that our visit to Toledo was pleasant, in the face of what we all know could turn into a nasty item to fix.

Jim Lukasiewicz


Jim Lukasiewicz
CO, Region 4-1


August 11, 2012

I am writing to commend and compliment one of your employees, Kevin Dawson, who went above and beyond the call of duty in cleaning the sidewalk in front of our business, B-Bop Records. He not only picked up all the debris and swept the sidewalk, he also raked the grass and made sure all the debris and even ground into the dirt cigarette butts were removed. When I saw him doing that I went out to introduce myself and thank him. He is very friendly, pleasant and always smiling. It is so nice to have people as Mr. Dawson who not only works hard, but does so with a pleasant attitude as he believes and finds pride in what he is doing. I consider him an asset to our downtown and city and wanted to make sure that you have an employee in your organization who should be valued and rewarded for the goodwill he puts forth.

Thank you,

Amjad Doumani
Owner of B-Bop Records


July 24, 2011

Dear Mayor Bell,

We spent this past weekend (July 25th) visiting your city, the zoo specifically, and stayed downtown.  What a pleasant surprise, the streets are nice and tidy and there are some very exciting places that we were not aware of.  On our departure on Sunday morning we were in search of a dinner for breakfast and I happened to come across a man sweeping the street, so I asked him for a recommendation.  This man’s name was Jerome.  Jerome with a big smile and obvious pride, paused and said there were a number of very good places, but suggested the Madison Street dinner because of our location.  I know it isn’t much, but we as a society tend to put pen to paper, so to speak, to complain and rarely take the time to pass on praise or congratulations.

My brief conversation with Jerome with his very infectious attitude has prompted me to arrange our return visit and stay to your beautiful little city.  Congratulations to you and to Jerome!

Matt Mills
Lasalle, Ontario, Canada


April 12, 2011 –

Sirs; I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of your ambassadors of your fair city that helped while I was down in your fair city. Since, I was never in your city and didn’t know about your parking meters, one of your attendances assisted me for the purposes of parking safely.  He informed me of many services available.  He made my trip much more pleasurable.  My wife and I took care of our business, and we got a chance to see more of the city even though the weather wasn’t as nice as we had hoped for.  But we’ll definately return when the weather is warmer thanks to treating me like a “real friend”, even though I was a stranger in his city.  I applauld you for having such a gentleman on your staff representing Toledo.

Name: Bill  Kilian
Organization: WRK Electric


August 30, 2010 –

Please extend my thanks to the Clean & Safe team for the quick response to my call of a distressed possum on St. Clair Street this morning.  Within minutes of receiving my call they assessed the situation and were able to capture the possum and take it away.  The possum was obviously in distress as it was out in the open during daylight hours baring its teeth to pedestrians.  Their quick action helped prevent a possibly unfortunate incident and injury to a passerby. 

Kudos to all involved!

Best regards,

Mary D. Wahl
Director, Corporate Services Management
HCR ManorCare

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