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sheriff-s-house-jackson-street-6th-district-court-of-appealsThe Historic Sheriff’s House is located at 800 Jackson St. This building is a key component of the Civic Center Mall, which stretches from Cherry Street to Adams Street, and from Spielbusch Avenue to Erie Street.

The building was originally constructed in 1898 as the county sheriff’s residence and jail, but has had many uses.

When the sheriff moved out, the county commissioners moved in. After that it served as the building for the appellate court for 10 years.

The building is currently vacant and secured against trespassers, but still has power for an occasional tour.

The building is a historic landmark, and is marked by the Maumee Valley Historical Society.


In the market for Victorian and Romanesque columns? Architectural Artifacts has a whole corner of their building devoted to them. An antique pocket door? A 1920s era oak church confessional? Architectural Artifacts. In fact, if you’re in the market for anything to complete your remodeling project, or you’d like to preserve a bit of Toledo’s history, chances are that you’ll find what you want here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 9.41.58 AMArchitectural Artifacts has been in the business of reclamation since 1994. Their desire to save this region’s precious architectural heritage from the wrecking ball was the impetus for establishing the business. Their Warehouse District headquarters (20 Ontario Street) is home to a wide range of antiques, including furniture, art and architectural items, as well as home hardware, bath and lighting fixtures and accessories. It’s also home to several cats, all rescues who are adopted from Paws and Whiskers in Toledo.

The place is great for browsing – you can get lost among the fireplaces, chandeliers and marble garden fixtures. And the building’s second floor is packed with windows, doors, bathroom sinks and toilets, and exterior architectural pieces. Plus, Architectural Artifacts provides specialized items for movies and television programs, including the movies 8 Mile, Public Enemy, Spiderman 4, and Batman (opening in 2015), and TV programs Bronson Pinchot Project, Elementary, and HGTV Restoring America: Detroit Home.

Learn more about Architectural Artifacts here:

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Built in 1927, The Commodore Perry Hotel was at one time considered one of the largest hotels in the Midwest – with over 500 rooms and 500 baths. The design of the hotel was likely influenced by the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City or the Statler Hotel in Buffalo, New York, and it was named for the hero of the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.

The Commodore Perry hosted many famous people, including Harry Truman, Jack Dempsey and Jimmy Stewart. Bob Hope’s son held his wedding reception at the Hotel. And Elvis Presley staged a publicity stunt there, involving a staged fight with a jealous man in 1956.

The Hotel closed in 1980, after 53 years of operation. Today the Commodore Perry is comprised of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Much of the original glamour of the building remains – Florentine Marble walls and Terrazzo floors, ornately carved bronze elevator doors and original hand-painted murals. But the Apartments also offer modern amenities, including on-site storage, covered parking, a community room and fitness center. For more details about the apartments, visit

And the corner storefront retail space at Jefferson and St. Clair Streets has come alive again with the opening of Veritas Cork & Craft. They stock wine and craft beers for sampling, artisan and locally made products and small plates and appetizer-style dishes. Learn more about the restaurant at or on Facebook at veritastoledo.

*Thanks to “Toledo: A History in Architecture” by William D. Speck for background information about the Commodore Perry Hotel.

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The Bakery Building

At its peak of operation as a bakery (in 1912), the Bakery Building was producing 30,000 loaves of bread a day, so the intoxicating bouquet of fresh-baked bread may still permeate the three-story building. In 1988, Robert Seyfang, the grandson of the building’s original owner, purchased the property and converted it into loft apartments, with offices on the ground floor. The building also features a rooftop city room and deck, and some garage parking.

The Bakery Building is located in the heart of Downtown Toledo’s Warehouse District, which was part of the original 19th century community Port Lawrence (later to become Toledo when it merged with the town of Vistula (north of Cherry Street).

Bakery1                    Bakerybldg



Apartments, lofts and condos are available for you in Downtown Toledo.

100 S. Huron Condominiums

100 S. Huron St.

Condo living with an open layout in an ideal location in downtown Toledo.


110 Ottawa Condominiums

110 Ottawa St.



111 South Huron Street

111 Huron St.



Bakery Building

33 S. Michigan St.


Beautifully refurbished with spacious offices and apartments.


Bartley Lofts

745 Washington St.

419-870-LOFT (5638)

Renovated warehouse for loft living spaces with beautiful city views and rooftop pool.


Commodore Perry Apartments

505 Jefferson Ave.


Former hotel converted to high-rise apartments across from Huntington Center.


Hillcrest Apartments

241 16th St.


Historic apartments comprised of modern technology with old-world charm.


Historic LaSalle Apartments

513 Adams St.


Converted department store to 16 different floor plans, a rooftop garden and is conveniently located in the heart of the central business district of Toledo.


Oliver House

27 Broadway St.


Beautifully renovated townhouses facing the river, uniquely in The Oliver House.


Park Lane Luxury Apartments

142 23rd St.


Elegant 9-story building.

Riverfront Apartments

245 N. Summit St.


Affordable complex with 20 floors, 18 laundry rooms and beautiful views of the Maumee riverfront.

RiverWest Townhomes

145 S. St. Clair St.


Unique townhome community with rooftop terrace & attached decks.  Incentives available for these exceptional spaces.


St. Clair Village Apartments

44 S. St. Clair St.


Two-bed, two-bath units are available in the reinvigorated Warehouse District.


Standart Lofts

34 S. Erie St.


75 units


Sunflower Building

802 Lafayette St.


14 apartments with exposed beams & indoor parking in the Historic Warehouse District.


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